Palm Tree Gourmet

The eatery where I get my breakfast sandwich implemented a kiosk system for ordering. Normally, I don’t mind kiosks because they take out the inaccuracy of the order, they are universal (i.e. every Wawa is the same), and they potentially save some time. However, it turns out it fucking SUCKS!

I started visiting Palm Tree Gourmet during the pandemic. Turns out, I really like it there. The downside is they open at 7am which is just a tad later then I usually want my breakfast, but I’ll wait the few minutes extra because I enjoy their sandwiches. So over the time I strike up a rapport with the cashier and I gave the sandwich maker $50 during the pandemic because I felt bad there were no customers. Point being, they know who I am.

I had noticed prior they were adding the kiosks and today was the day it was finally ready. So I ask the guy, “do you want my usual or do you want me to use the kiosk?” He says, “kiosk”. Fine. I find the first breakfast sandwich and there are dozens of options when all I want is a bacon, egg, and cheese with ketchup. I get to the end and hit complete and grab a coffee. They’ve raised the price $2 (fucking babysitter) and I bring back this.

Is that spinach? Is that an avocado? Why isn’t it toasted? Where’s the bacon? My boy made me a sandwich for 3 years straight and we never had an error. Then this kiosk comes in and screws it all up. How could the kiosk be faster or more accurate than me saying, “bacon, egg, and cheese on a bagel.” Essentially, this computer messed up a good thing.

To be fair, the self checkouts at Wawa are a godsend. People are too dumb to use them so they are almost always open. However, this time, I didn’t need a Kiosk because 1) I’m a regular 2) I only order 1 menu item. For newbies, kiosks are great because they take away all human interaction and you get what you want. For me, I didn’t see that this menu item on the kiosk said whatever greens I don’t eat were on there. This ruined a perfectly good thing. Let’s make sure we don’t let computers get in the way of humanity. Skynet!