The Neverending Alarm

March 27, 2019


The Neverending Alarm

My neighbor does this bizarre act where every day he sets his alarm for 6am. Then it goes off at 6:09. Then 6:18. Then 6:27. I don’t know when the bro gets up, but it could be 10am for all I know. What you should be asking is, how am I hearing this alarm? Since I live in a row house in Philadelphia, they are all stacked next to each other. There is about a 2 foot space between our 2 brick walls. For the most part, I can’t hear anything. However, it’s a vibrating alarm and the combination of the vibration and noise with the dead silence of the morning makes it quite apparent.

This type of human behavior is not normal. This neighbor is Indian and I do not know his name. We talked twice and I’ve asked him at least twice both times what his name is. It comes out as “czharmaaa”. I’m sorry but I can’t ask a 5th time. For white people, at least me, we don’t hear Indian names that clearly. It’s not like Tom. It’s usually 3 syllables and the letters seem to move past the 26 letter alphabet. So all I can say is I’m not best friends with this guy, but because of this alarm situation, I don’t think I’d want to be.

Is it wrong that I feel that because a human being can’t turn off his alarm for 2 hours that I want no association with them because I feel that if this behavior is acceptable, lord only knows what other rabbit holes are fine.

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