Slade is a betting genius.

We spoke last week and one bet he spoke highly of was simply that a given NFL game will go into overtime. Depending where you look, this bet typically pays 12/1 – 20/1 depending on how closely matched the teams playing are. For example: I see +1400 for tonight’s Browns Broncos game, which is a 1.5 point spread.

Through six weeks of the 2021 season, 11 games have gone to overtime out of a possible 94. Say you average 16/1 on a $10 bet. You’d have wagered $940 to win $1760 and a profit of $820. Not bad!

But if Slade is a betting genius, then I guess I’m a betting savant.

Here’s my idea:

Parlay every two game combination each week that the games will go to overtime

I know what you’re thinking, “that’s amazing“.

A 16/1 x 16/1 parlay pays out $2880 on a $10 bet.

Now I know your next thought, “that sounds like a lot of bets to make“. And you’re right. My initial calculation came to 8 billion different weekly combinations of parlays.

In a 16 game week, there are 119 parlay combinations. In a 14 game week (now that we have byes), it’s 91 combinations.

Say you bet $10 on every parlay combination each week this year, how would you have done?

WeekGamesParlays$ WageredOT Games$ WonNet Profit
Week 116119$1,1902$2,880$1,690
Week 216119$1,1901$0-$1,190
Week 316119$1,1901$0-$1,190
Week 416119$1,1902$2,880$1,690
Week 516119$1,1902$2,880$1,690
Week 61491$9103$8,640$7,730

The best part is it goes crazy if more than two games go to OT, as you can see from week 6! If four of 16 went to OT, you’d profit over $16,000!!! (six different parlays would hit).

The only draw back of this strategy is having to literally make 100 bets a week. That alone might make this not worth it.

But keep your eye on this. When 2+ games go to OT this week, remember old Sammy tried to tell ya.

P.S. please don’t check my math on this.