The Pandemic has brought about odd new norms such as masks and mandatory vaccines which has driven society to pick sides and essentially become at odds. This being the UNITED States, no one is trying to unite any part of our country. When Trump was in office, he did a poor job at uniting the people with his polarized persona. The Biden administration is doing a lousy job, by doing a great job, of making it all or nothing with your opinions while also shielding their voters from opposing viewpoints. One way this is done is by “fact checkers” of social media. This difference between “facts” and “subjective opinions that we are labeling as facts” is unfair. What’s been built is a society of dissenting individuals who will eventually destruct themselves. America is a melting pot of ethnicities who are being forced to try to get along and that is a formula for failure. Forcing life is a bad way of living and people who are guilty of doing this believe they are working for the greater good and can’t see the harm they cause. All of these larger topics can all be solved by dismantling the tip system for food pick up.

Nobody wants to leave a tip for picking up food. When someone delivers you your food, it makes sense to give a little bit extra. They are doing you a service. When you are picking up food, you are the one doing the extra work. Why would you give extra to them? You should be getting a discount for picking up. This changed with the pandemic because it added another source of revenue for the restaurants. When restaurants were shut down for months and going out of business in droves, I had no issue giving extra to help these establishments out. I want well run businesses to succeed, so if I like the food I’m getting and the people I’m getting it from, I want to make sure they don’t go out of business. It’s selfish, but I didn’t mind the tip. Unfortunately, the trend didn’t stop. When you see that tip line when you’re picking up, you know immediately that you’re put in a bad spot.

The choices are to look like a cheap skate and leave nothing or give more and feel like you’re going against moral standards. I don’t like tarnishing my inner belief system and the pick up tip does this. I have money, why shouldn’t I part with 2 extra dollars when I pick up a sandwich? The business doesn’t deserve the pick up tip. I’ll immediately think less of these types of businesses because they know exactly what they are doing. They want to put you in a bad spot because it’s better for them. My restaurant wouldn’t do this to my customers. I’d raise the prices of my store. Once this trend disappears, society will be able to unite again. All races and creeds will see the lights. It’s time to come together and remove the pick up tip.

This South Park trailer came on my feed and the Covid Delta Plus Reward Clubs Variant is probably the funniest, realistic, part of future society. These guys are great.