My back has been bothering me and went into the cabinet to get an Aleve and I grabbed an Advil PM. The problem with taking the PM at 6:30 was that I had to bowl at 7. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a problem. Bonus points if you can name the movie.

Bowling on Sleeping Pills

The only reference I have of taking a sleeping pills and not sleeping is this from Role Models.

Hey, hey, Danny.
Is this all your Ambien?
Okay, 'cause Connie
and I are gonna take some,
and then we're gonna stay up
as late as we can,
because if you fight
the urge to go to sleep,
things start to get all trippy,
and then we're gonna fuck.

High Score, Is That Good?

Even though I don’t know what my highest series ever is, I can start by saying last night is up there. I started with a 230, then a 234, and followed it with a 264. That adds up to 728, but I think it was even higher and I’m not remembering the scores exactly. The amazing part was that I rolled better than a perfect game but it happened in 2 separate games. I finished the second game with 7 straight and started the 3rd game with 8 straight. Can I say I rolled a perfect game? Not quite. Even still, it looks like I’ll be upping the dosage for next week.

For the Bowling Nerds

I can write on bowling for a while and I’m aware it’s not the interesting. The game is repetition and throwing the ball as hard as you accurately can to hit the pocket repeatedly is the skill set. This requires a ball with back end that matches your shot speed. I’ve used about 10 different bowling balls in my life and each ball is slightly different. My favorite are the ones that hook hard at the end so that you can throw it out further and still have a chance to come back instead of throwing up the middle and crossing your fingers it hangs. Last night I was able to move 5 boards to the right of where I usually am because there was plenty of oil. When I can move right and hit the pocket, I’ll roll big games. It’s when you get stuck moving left to hit the pocket that you’ll split or leave ringing 10’s. Am I that good of a bowler? No. I don’t top 16 mph and I’m dependent on the ball matching the lane. When I see lesser bowlers bringing multiple balls to the lane and switching, it’s comical. Just worry about hitting the pocket once, then doing it over and over again. My goals are still to roll a perfect game and 800 series and I’m inching closer. I have a feeling once I get the 1st, the 2nd and 3rd will come soon after. My 300 is not going to be lucky.