My hotel room has a scale.

172.2 lbs – 8pm – That’s my weight when I entered my hotel room at 8pm last night. I don’t own a scale and weigh myself about twice a year when I remember to at my parents. It was an odd flight time of 5pm and I had a small wrap at 4pm after eating a full lunch. I wasn’t sure if I should eat dinner or call it a night. I didn’t eat. I was curious how this would affect my morning weight.

168.8 – 6:45 am – I woke up, took a shit, and huh? I managed to lose 3.4 lbs while sleeping and deucing. Who would have thought a dump weighed 3 lbs? I wondered if humans pooped in the streets like dogs did, how much bigger would all the turds be? You see rhino’s and you know that’s next level, but does a crap weigh 3 lbs? Maybe sleeping is good exercise.

173.8 – 8:28am – Not going to lie, a over ate myself at breakfast. I had a ham and cheese omelet and the potatoes were exactly the way I liked them. I indulged in the entire pot of coffee and that’s 4 lbs. Who would have thought that weight fluctuates like this?

At 5-11, I always say I’m 6ft, I like to weigh 170 lbs. When I’m injured or unable to exercise, this can get past 175. When I’m in killer shape, it’s 165. Since I don’t ever weigh myself, this number is of little concern to me. I can tell a lot of times how heavy I am by my love handles. When I’m in great shape, they aren’t there. When I feel the meat, it’s usually water weight from booze (which I have another post lined up on after finishing Alan Carr’s the Easyway to Control Alcohol).

Where I’m staying the next few days.

I’m in New Orleans for the next 3 days and it’s nice to have some free time with a lap top and read and write like I’m unemployed. This is what Gourlay must feel like when he blogs. I’m pushing through 4 books at once that pertain to Wokeness (get ready my communist commenter), conspiracy theories (Mt. Weather anyone?), Dr. Fauci (you’re being misguided and Joe Rogan is a perfect example which I’ll have another post on), and a fiction book that is possibly the funniest book I’ve read since Catch 22. Hopefully I can produce more posts in between my attendance at this roofing show. Stay tuned.