My mornings are simple. I get up around 6-6:30. I pee. I put in my contacts. Brush my teeth. Shower. Use deodorant and mouthwash. Get dressed. Buy a breakfast sandwich and drive to work. One small joy I have in life is reading the Wall Street Journal while listening to music in our office drinking coffee and eating breakfast. I like doing the crossword puzzle and reading about business. Today I couldn’t do that and it pissed me off.

The photo you see is a piece of shit stealing a newspaper at 4:49 am today. To be this much of an asshole to ruin my entire day makes me want to leave the city. *Hint* we’re leaving the city. It’s this mentality that you can get away with any menial crime that ruins society. Lawlessness that runs rampant ruins regular people’s days and that sucks. Just griping to let all the people know this guys is a real piece of shit and still is.