I never tip anyone for anything ever.

That’s a lie.

95% of the time I tip 20-25% (everytime) if I’m out at a restaurant or getting delivery.

But I’m planting my flag along with a million other people that tipping is getting out of control. This isn’t original, but here are two instances that highlight the issues I have.

Example 1: Breakfast in Charleston – Tipping isn’t voluntary!

Wacker and I grabbed breakfast sandwiches in Charleston and when we paid, they didn’t do the standard touch screen with ‘20%, 25%, Custom tip, No tip‘ options. Instead, she said “we automatically include 20% tip on every credit card charge, do you want me to adjust that?“.

The tip is becoming less and less voluntary! I would never actually ask to reduce the tip by $1 to make it 15% instead of 20% because it’s so insignificant, but what if she said a 25% tip is automatically added? 30%? 50%? Where do I draw the line of “it’s only a couple dollars, what’s the big deal“?

What if every breakfast place did this? What if simply every place did this? Wawa, gas stations, CVS, etc. When do you say “No, I’m not tipping for this.“?

Example 2: Booking a Haircut – 25% is the new minimum!

I went to book a haircut online and here is what I’m presented with when I choose the pay option:

First, let’s get past that it’s a $40 haircut.

25% is the MINIMUM suggested tip! You’re made to feel cheap for choosing 25%! They’re trying to normalize a 50% tip!

I don’t know if haircuts are different, but I’ve always tipped 20-25% for haircuts. I tipped more during the pandemic! But did 25% become the new 20%?

One might argue that you don’t HAVE to tip what they ask, but the social pressure is immense. They make you verbally tell them that their service is not worth X%, or you have to go out of your way to click Custom and type in less to give less.

All these service places needed more tips when Covid screwed up the business model which was totally fair, but now that it’s returned, there’s no correction back! The thought is essentially ‘it doesn’t hurt to ask‘, but it’s setting weird norms. Europe is the obvious counter example.

I’m starting to think Stortz Tools should put out a tip jar! Could we really increase sales by 20% by putting a tip option on our website’s checkout? Is that… ethically right? For now, we just charge what we need to in order to make money!