I just found out that Tool is finally on Spotify (and have been for the last month).

I know about a dozen Tool songs. Being a ‘marginal’ fan is weird because if you don’t know the time signature of every song on every album, the Tool hardos try to make you feel inadequate.

But I can be a marginal fan and still write a post about how I think Tool rocks and everyone should try them out now that they’re on Spotify. However, most will probably not like them.

They just released a new album which is 10 songs and 86 minutes long. After binging Taylor Swift’s Lover for the past two weeks, I’ll be transitioning to binging all of Tool.

The new album is a hard place to start for someone who’s never listened, so here’s my top 10 Tool songs if you want to listen.

10. Schism

9. Jambi

8. The Pot

7. Ænima

6. Sober

5. Vicarious

4. Lateralus

3. Parabola

2. Stinkfist

1. Forty Six & 2

Expand your music horizons.