John Oliver released 24 minutes dedicated to pointing out that Tucker Carlson is a dangerous white supremacist yesterday. I like the stories Oliver puts out and find Tucker wildly entertaining so I gave a listen.

This will accomplish exactly what John Oliver is not trying to do because he misses why people like Tucker. His 24 minutes is saying that Tucker grew up rich and privileged, white supremacist groups use his show to learn from, and he’s hypocritical. The 3 million people who enjoy Tucker, the highest rated nightly program in this category, move past his background and agree or disagree with the points he makes. Since the John Oliver show can pick and choose what they show you, I’ll pick 3 clips I found in 3 minutes of searching and say if I agree with Tucker knowing that you’ll already think I’m a white supremacist.

Tucker Clips




You’re Being Asked To Get the Vaccine

Is Tucker a White Supremacist?

I don’t believe that WAP is a song that should have been popularized and that’s mostly because it sucks. To embrace the song as progressive seems insane. Unless I’m confused, the movement is that it’s important to embrace all cultures and this is apparently the one that is getting put on a pedestal. I’m not sure how Cardi B got in and Dr. Seuss got out.

The border is equally confusing. People want to argue for open borders and everyone treated fairly and then the border gets over populated and a mess is created. I’m not at the border so I’m believing what is being reported. Opening up borders and letting illegals into the country seems to be a solid way of watering down values. Whether you want to say that I’m implying “white” values, that’s fine, but I most likely think you’re a hypocrite because you aren’t inviting them to your house to stay either. The process for immigration is / was the process because it is a national security issue. By letting immigrants with potential health issues in freely, we’ll wait and see what happens.

The final part about vaccines is 100% accurate. European countries have put a halt on the AstraZeneca vaccine for blood clots. Whether the one I put in my arm is good or bad is a decision I’m willing to live with. The President and the rest of the country won’t treat you fairly unless you have the vaccine. It will supposedly make the world safer but I don’t think questioning whether that’s true or not makes you a bad person. Telling your audience not to be sheep says more about the party than the alternative to me.

When John Oliver goes after Tucker Carlson looking to wage war, he’s assuming everyone who agrees with Tucker is a white superracist which is a dangerous road to travel. I think Tucker takes stances on matters with his core values unwavering. Now if this is prosperous living, national security, and the development of the greatest country on Earth, feel free to argue that what he likes is “wrong” because it steps over oppression and systemic racism. That was essentially Jon Oliver’s 24 minutes, and I understand that viewpoint. I understand why millions of people love that viewpoint. That however, is a hit piece on Tucker which is exactly what an entertainment network does for ratings. Play on.