In the war against Democratic progressives and Democratic moderates, Republican’s won. – Rep. (D) Steve Israel

I’m happy to see a Republican win Virginia. What happened in the Loudoun County School System is shameful. For those who pay no attention, a transgender boy (I’ve seen reports it’s a boy wearing a skirt) raped a 14 year old girlfriend who didn’t want to have sex in the bathroom. Washington Post. This incident was covered up by the school board and the girl’s parents had an episode in a school board meeting where the dad came out a bloody mess. This incident supposedly stems from the school’s adoption of pro-trans policies which goes way beyond my pay grade for this post. The Virginia governor election took a turn for Republican candidate Youngkin as a result of parents feeling that their children are not safe being protected by these types of school boards. Critical race theory also played a role.

Democrat Issues

What Have You Done For Me Lately – The $3.5, now $1.85, trillion dollar booster is laughable at this point. Democrats can’t get their centrist party leaders to buy in, and the two sides fight against each other, while all the Republicans also won’t support it. I was reading how they had to move 12 weeks of paid parental leave down to 4 weeks. My caveman thought is that they support this bill by taxing the wealthiest while having no care in the world what these numbers do to inflation and the economy. How a government would squander $1.85 trillion is at least better than how it would squander 3.5.

Critical Race Theory – This is my least favorite topic and it’s nice to see the voters agree. I’m reading now that Democrats are saying that this was never taught in school and I’d disagree based on what I see. Teaching children that the world is racist based is damaging to society. It’s a dangerous path and the wild leftists learned that parents don’t want this for their children. They may want a solid foundation like mathematics, science, and language. The only way they learn is when they realize people don’t support them. Major victory for parents having a say in what their children are learning.

Defund the police – It’s great to see Minnesota, the state where George Floyd was murdered, not vote to disband the police. In another display, the Mayor of Portland raised the police budget which shouldn’t be a surprise. I’d guess that police moral is at an all time low in 2021. Why would you want to help out society when you’re not appreciated? All the major democratic cities that were outraged about police behavior have seen their crime rates skyrocket with a 30% increase of murders in 2020. I can’t imagine 2021 will be better. People are now becoming more aware that defunding the police is stupid. My thought is that people put one event under a microscope and overreact.

Racism – Stop looking at the system and start looking at yourselves. Democrats finally got a taste that not everyone thinks the US is as racist as they want you to believe. Bringing every topic’s resolution that it has to deal with race is sad and tiring. The party hinges on this to get votes and it’s great to see that it isn’t working.

Vaccine Mandates – New Jersey has 1 million more registered Democratic voters and Phil Murphy eked out a win against Jack Ciattarelli. That’s huge to see that Democrats are fed up with their own party. My guess is residents caught wind of the vaccine mandates that are going to be put in place and put their foot down. I’m pro vaccine, anti mandate. It’s clear there are millions out there just like me as seen from this vote. Wouldn’t you agree? It’s also funny the Biden administration waited until the outcomes of these two elections to drop the hammer on vaccine mandates starting Jan 4th.

This is a funny video of Phil Murphy’s Win

China Doesn’t Give a Shit About Racism.