If you don’t have an issue with what’s going on in America, you probably wear your mask in the car by yourself. This is governmental hypocrisy on so many levels and it appears like it’s allowed to happen and Americans don’t even care. Or they believe the other side of this which is mind numbing. They are preventing freedom. The fundamental reason America is as wildly successful as it is.


This is the first amendment being violated. If you’re against the first amendment, you should question whose side you’re own.


Now let’s move to GoFundMe stealing$9 million dollars that were donated to the Trucker’s Convoy in Canada. GoFundMe Supported Antifa, but not the truckers. Let that sink in.

Vaccine “MisInformation”

If they begun their sentences with “we’re not sure about this, but this is what we think”, that’s one thing. When there are governmental mandates based of ongoing “science”, they are crimes against humanity.


Do as we say, not as we do. This government is ruining our borders, dismantling free speech, controlling liberty, and botching issue after issue with no apologies for errors. Let the people think what they want to think and listen to what they want to listen to. By attempting to control it, it’s clear that they are in the wrong. If you can’t see it, I don’t know what to tell you. You’re too stupid to save.