I’ve raved about how good this YouTube channel is in past posts and with 29 million views in a week, I’m obviously not alone because the masses love crazy people doing bad shit. The truth is more amusing than a story any day of the week and JimCan’tSwim does a phenomenal job giving context to the actual events. Nicholas Cruz personal video @ 36:25 going over how he was going to be the next school shooter was next level shit. Cruz in the room was meh, but the way Jim shortens the 2 hours into a shorter time is why it’s well worth the watch.

I’m currently watching Mare of Easttown and it’s a nice display of a fictional depiction of real life characters. What I find fascinating though is that Jim’s video is more gripping to me because it’s what truly happens. Watching the interrogation at 6:00 is chilling and no fictional display could touch that. As much as I like fiction, life events will always win out.