It’s a rare day when I win $1,780 betting on sports. I hit 12 bets that were at + odds. A few highlights and all picks here:

  • Kelce 1st TD – $50 at +800
  • CEH 2nd TD – $25 at +700
  • Mike Evans 4th TD – $25 at +600
  • 6 team teaser – $20 at +600
  • Taysom Hill anytime TD – $30 at +400

I had $480 on the Chiefs at +2 which was never in doubt. Golf wise, I hedged a Sepp Straka pre tourney bet that was 50-1 by betting $500 on McKenzie Hughes which netted me a few hundred profit. I even had a chance at a 22-1, when I hit 4 of 5 teams in a parlay and missed it a 2nd time because of the Eagles game.

Will this happen ever again? Probably not, but it’s nice to get back some of my gambling losses. Can I contribute this win to any inside info? Nope. I just stubbornly back the Chiefs as the best football team in the NFL and get lucky on random TD scores. My fantasy teams blanked but who gives a shit when you can win 5x the buy ins in a day. I’m also in the 99.9% in the ESPN pick em which counts for nothing. Finally, now that I tasted the success, you can bet I’ll be betting over my head to make sure I lose it faster.

Falling between the cracks of all this is a I bowled a 279 and the one missed strike I had moved the 10 pin to the 8 pin position. If that’s not a 300, I don’t know what to say.