I’m going to start bringing back some 90’s wrestling gifs. Such a good age of wrestling.

I’ve made 5 figures from trading GME since this blog revealed it as a long term play back on January 8th. Sam and I were in the office today and both sold our shares in the $290 range after buying it around $95 for a tidy profit. This was the 3rd time I’ve traded it for a profit. We are now looking to “buy the dip” again. It’s true this could be looked at as having paper hands…and I do indeed have ? ?. Whereas I hear a lot of traders say they have diamond hands and they will hodl, my investment philosophy is bobbing and weaving and getting out when the getting seems too good. Call me an idiot, but my bank account doesn’t mind.

Since this is only paper money, it’s important to treat it as such. This involves finding new investments which I’ll highlight tongue in cheek.

Lebron James Top Shot NFT

What’s an NFT? It’s a non-fungible token that gives you ownership to a video of Lebron dunking and you can pay 40k for the right to own and watch it. Perhaps you project it on a screen in your house and let it run over and over again in your room. I’m not sure exactly why it costs so much or why anyone would want it. Seems like a good deal.

Buy a Bitcoin

I had 5k locked an loaded to buy some bitcoin at 43k and couldn’t pull the trigger so I’m not so sure I can pull it now at 56k. I like the idea of blockchain even though I have no clue it’s advantages. My understanding is that the blockchain and the NFT’s are going to work together somehow. You’ll be able to purchase the new Kings of Leon album, which would be an NFT, with bitcoin. If you don’t own Bitcoin, how can you purchase NFT’s? Perhaps this novel use will propel Bitcoin to a million the same way GME will go to $1,000.

Buy 5 Million Shares of PHIL

If you haven’t bought PHIL, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Some people have told me their brokerage doesn’t let them invest in garbage companies but that’s a lack of perseverance. Who doesn’t want to invest in building bridges in Vietnam and blockchain in Belarus? I even hear they have some Cannabis deals worked out. The real question though is can this company ever file their 10-k? You’d think a company that struggles with filing pieces of paper may have problems funding a bridge. Prove me wrong Harry.