The more I learn law and politics, the happier I am I spent 0% of my life understanding it. I come from the confounds that simpler is better. Law practices that the more complex, the more job security you have. Practicality is not the law’s first priority. When you have a law, and then amendments to that law, and then amendments to the amendments, it gets to the point where no one truly knows. It gets so confusing that the best bet is not to answer. However, when depositions occur, its like being put under a spotlight. Here is my favorite deposition I’ve ever seen with Roger Stone, a Trump supporter over the years.

Roger Stone Rage Compilation

“He Made Pictures of Having Sex With Me From Behind “

I find the Dave Portnoy deposition when he proves there was no wrongdoing firing Michael Rappaport is also enjoyable because he’s not a lawyer. Roger Stone is an experience, practiced lawyer, Portnoy is just a guy they are looking to set up and he does a great job of not falling victim.

Would You be a Radical Activist on the Bench?

This brings me to my last clip of Ted Cruz questioning Myrna Perez about voter ID laws. Ted Cruz points out that Ms. Perez said voter ID laws give America “anxiety over the browning of America…” and she dances around to say she was only talking about State politicians. Then she gets asked a few more questions and dances some more. Ted Cruz points out a “living constitution” is dangerous and she also can’t answer. If you can’t answer the questions that you are asked truthfully, because you have so much experience with the law you know how to dance, you shouldn’t be the best person for the position because you’re partial. If you’re honest and not one sided, the way a judge should be, it shouldn’t be this hard.