I watched a golf tip from ScratchGolfTips on short chips that says get your hands higher, shaft forward, and weight on left side. I thought to myself, “I’ve heard the last two, but I’m going to try moving my hands higher.” I have followed this account for years and use varying of their tips to improve my game. I trust the advice they give is solid.

Today Evan, Adam and I, played Scotland Run and I chipped in from about 10 yards on hole #4 for birdie. This was not a stroke of luck. I put faith in a tip from a source that made me a better golfer. This notion of knowing who to trust with advice you follow is a major key to successfully navigating life. In short, why do you trust?

On hole 15, Adam was talking about buying a new car. He has driven a Nissan for years and is going to buy a new Nissan. I didn’t give it much thought then, but it’s not because Brie Larson is one of their spokespeople. He’s driven this brand of car for years and it’s been reliable enough for him that there is no need to look anywhere else. Only a moron would buy a car because Brie Larsen tells you to. Why would you trust her? Because she’s Captain Marvel? You’d trust a decade worth of past performance much more for the safety of your family.

I don’t know why you’d buy the General’s Car Insurance? Because Shaq tells you to? Does he get into a lot of accidents? Has he spent his life comparing all the rates and knowing who pays out the best? It doesn’t make any sense. To be fair, I use Geico and it’s not because their Gecko makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I buy it because it’s cheap and my goal is to never use it. Why would the General play basketball?

On Thanksgiving we were having a discussion on transgender people and Sam said that I’m transphobic because I don’t think that Rachel Levine is qualified as the United States Assistant Secretary for Health and being made a 4 star general. Personally, I don’t trust any part of her ascension to the position. She’s there to gain votes for the party. If that makes me transphobic, then you’re saying that critical thinking is not welcomed.

In short, promotion to the four-star level normally indicates decades of military service, often in dangerous and life-threatening circumstances, and military achievements of the highest order. Levine does not remotely merit any comparison with these or any of the other accomplished four-star officers, whether admirals or generals. The Federalist

Which brings me to why I’ve been having such a difficult time in life lately. A main purpose of mine in life is honesty. I expect readers of this blog to know that I only write what I believe. I have no financial motivation behind this blog. The only “why” behind this blog is because I like sharing my viewpoints. You can trust that the info I’m sharing is not a to deceive. You may not always agree with me, and I may not always be right, but you can trust that this blog is the way I feel on the inside. If that makes me unpopular or you don’t want to read what I write because it disagrees with your snowflake values, that’s fine. I’m a cold, chiseled, purpose driven human who values success as a motivating factor for continuing improving as a human being. I’m constantly re-wiring my goals as I achieve ones set prior. I don’t write this blog to be popular. I write it because I believe in what I share. Trust that.

Props to Evan for being tied with me through 17 holes today. Sorry about what happened on 18. Ghin would only count that last # as a 10 I believe.