I’ll stick to this bullet format because it’s easy to post when you only need a few sentences until you can move to the next topic.

RKLB – Did I lose Bill Schmidt 99% of his money on UAVS? Yes. I also lost 5 figures (after making 5 figures) on that POS. Honestly, I bought 1,500 more shares yesterday on a 3.4 million dollar drone sale to France but who knows at this point. Anyway, CK4 likes RKLB and I purchased a few thousand shares to get in on the action. My money man has an analyst who says it can go to 8, so let’s go to the moon!

Dune – I read the book Dune over the past few weeks and enjoyed it. Published in 1967, with remade movies in the past few years, I’m not sure what compelled me to download it. I had no idea what to expect other than it was for nerds when I was a kid. It starts a tad slow because it’s confusing who you’re reading about, but once you start grasping the characters, it was exceptionally well done. I may or may not read the next 5 and will watch the movie.

Arrested Development – Why I rewatch this series is a bit of mystery. Perhaps it’s about a family business with a dysfunctional family element that hits close to home. Whether it’s Michael calling Ann plant, George Michael just being named George Michael, or Buster being scared of closed AND open spaces, this series always makes me laugh. Plus they are 18 minutes at 1.25x and they can be watched anytime. If this isn’t the best illusion you’ve ever seen…

5 Days Sober – I’ve never said that I plan on being sober long term. I enjoy an alcoholic beverage from time to time and have learned, slightly, how to handle the effects. The nice benefits from sobriety is no down time. I may not feel like doing sometime, but it doesn’t mean I CAN’T physically do it. I’m undoubtedly more productive, easier to deal with, and enjoy interactions more sober. Without a doubt though, life feels boring to me. For the love of god I read Dune in a few days.