*Very few people will read this post but it’s important to me to have a platform that is unbiased by money, politics, or traffic. These comments are pure. They may not coincide with yours, but I gain nothing from these posts by any outsider.*

Pay at the Pump

I drove by a gas station this morning and saw it was over $4 per gallon. No worries though, places in California are over $6.

Are west coast cities desecrated with high crime, lawlessness, and a general sense of disrespect towards authority and humanity? Of course my reaction could be based on my Twitter feed that shows me this type of behavior, and if your algorithm is showing blue skies and sunny days, we’d differ in opinions. However, when I watch a man get hit in the head with a banana, you know shit’s real.

Creating Jobs?

When Biden pats himself on the back for creating jobs, he is reading a sentence from a teleprompter and not reporting on truth. When I speak to business owners on my day to day, not one of them tells me that there isn’t a labor issue. Not only can they not find experienced labor, they can’t find any labor! To comment that the labor market is improving is clouding the damage that the pandemic spread on the country. This tweet is complete fabrication and manipulation of data.

It wouldn’t be hard to create jobs after 15% unemployment that was created by the government. Covid caused this!?! Disagree. The government did by printing money and shutting down the economy.

Fund the Police!

Biden said, “We should all agree: The answer is not to defund the police. It’s to fund the police,”. BLM activists are once again in an uproar over this comment. If you don’t know that the world is not a safer place out there currently, it’s most likely because you’re masked up and haven’t left your house in 2 years. When I was in New Orleans a month ago, there is no feeling of safety in that city. When I write about Philadelphia, it’s turning into a shit hole. It’s comical because when everyone was supporting the defund the police movement, this current state is the result and 180’ing like this is not fair because the remark should start with saying, “we made a mistake.”

We Have AOC!

AOC, a defund supporter, brings this mindset; there are struggling people out there and I want to stand up for their rights. The elites control all the wealth and it’s my job to support them. I’ll look at varying social issues and take stances on a the most simplistic basis. Defund the police. Approve all immigrants. Medicare for everyone. Affordable housing for all. The problem is that these issues are are not simple. These are complex problems with hundreds of variables that involve more moving parts than idealistic mantras. The realistic nature of defunding police comes with decreased police morale, increased crime, and chaos while preventing what she perceives as an unfair bias towards varying ethnic groups which if it’s 1% of that total issue, she’s over reacting and creating more problems than solutions. I don’t necessarily pin this on AOC as I do on this idea that ideals align with reality.

Kiev or Kyiv?

Closing this with Ukraine and Russia which I’ve had people ask where the post on it is… I don’t have a comment on it. For me to say that “I stand with Ukraine” is not thought out. Aside from my IT developer being from there, I know exactly zero people. For me to go to Twitter and proclaim my support of Ukraine is moronic. People do this to feel like they are morally right and I don’t disagree that Putin is an unhinged Tsar and war is never the answer. In principal, sure, I want to see the Ukrainians stand their ground and push off Russian control. However, I’m so uneducated on the issue, my stance means nothing so why would I share it?