AOC says, “If you’re out here calling for the end of unrest. You better be calling for…”

  1. Healthcare as a human right
  2. Accountability in our policing
  3. Supporting community review boards
  4. End of housing discrimination
  5. Standing up to for profit real estate developers

If you don’t call for those things, all you are asking for is the continuation of quiet oppression.

Healthcare – The American healthcare system is a joke. Blame the greedy hospitals and insurance companies. I was reading an article that says you can pay 5 different prices for a c-section ranging from 5k to 60k depending on your insurance. This isn’t Europe. American’s will take advantage of whatever system is in place especially if it’s universal and then they’ll complain about how people are now abusing that. America is the smartest stupid country. If you tell people that healthcare is universal they’ll eat themselves to death and be more of a burden. There is no accountability. If humans in our country started treating life with more respect, than maybe healthcare wouldn’t be such a hot bed of an issue.

Policing – Look at Portland. I’m reading Andy Ngo’s account on Antifa and it’s a hell hole. They let people commit crimes and then let them off the hook with no consequence. Talk about accountability, look at what happens when there is no presence at all. Police issues that are made main stream are the 1% and the ones that cause outrage usually have a backstory that isn’t fully told. If you tell me that the police treat minorities unfairly, I won’t disagree, but what is the context? If it’s a corner where drugs and crime are prevalent, do you want them to let it happen? Doing their job is what she is being asked for them to be accountable and I’d guess the vast majority of the time they are. If you want to pluck a few cases out and consider it the majority, I’m not sure I agree. As much as I want to say there is no need for police, people will take advantage at a far greater cost and you’ll have a Mad Max society.

Community Review Boards – These boards review police action. That’s fine, support them all you want. Putting civilians in charge of police is a brilliant idea. I’ve been apart of associations that don’t make money and let me say that people don’t work hard unless they are being paid to do it. I don’t know enough about review boards, but having civilians make sure the police act appropriate doesn’t seem practical.

End of Housing Discrimination – I’m assuming this is housing owners not renting out properties to people they do not want to. There should be no discrimination if people have money to pay for the property and will treat it with respect. If the latter in not met, is that discrimination?

Standing Up to For Profit Real Estate Developers – This is insane. AOC sees capitalism as a fundamental problem with the USA. However, money is a motivator, and it’s why we are the greatest country in the world. If the developers can’t make money they won’t do it! I frankly don’t know what this issue is.

My Viewpoint

I don’t view humanity as special. My worldview isn’t to have 7 billion people living in harmony. Charles Darwin would agree. People develop by natural selection and you can’t change that. It’s not fair to treat a human who provides no value to humanity the same as one who does. This is why capitalism exists. This is why the USA is a leading country in the world in the shortest period of time. Capitalism is a motivator. It makes humanity grow and push existence to its limits.

A version of Communism is what AOC would like to see. It’s a balanced worldview, pie in the sky thought, that’s ridiculous because people are born with different abilities. Will we be happier if we are all treated the same? This is idiotic. Do you see people wanting to move to North Korea? AOC has the following she does because it’s easy to agree with her if you don’t have the tools to move up in the world. Education. A strong family support system. Capital. Once you start digging down into why people don’t have these tools, you dig into the heart of what AOC wants which is I completely agree should be done.

Does racism exist? Absolutely. Are people who grow up in bad areas underprivileged and behind the 8 ball of life? Of course. But what I disagree with is thinking that Earth is a utopia. Quote Thomas Hobbes from the Leviathan “and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death; and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”. You didn’t choose to be you. You’re here and you have to deal with it. If you’re born into a bad area it’s a bad dice roll. Do we need to go out of our way to fix that? Yes, but start at the root where having 8 children when you can’t afford 1 is not ok.

Socialism hates that a select few people seemingly have worked the system and now have too much money. Instead, they need to distribute it evenly so we all can play on the same playing field. Here’s the rub, they got the position because they created value! Jeff Bezos isn’t the world’s richest man because he got lucky. He devoted his life to creating a global marketplace with efficiency. Elon Musk is sending rocket ships to space to develop interplanetary travel. He deserves to be compensated for his brilliant brain and relentless work ethic. If you don’t have a brilliant brain or essential work ethic, you are not going to fair as well on this Earth. However, if you follow the golden rule of society and work hard, you’ll have your place in it.

But I’m white privilege! Making people feel ashamed of what they don’t control is the epitome of stupidity. I’ve risen every morning of my life and gone to work. I don’t cheat, steal, or harm humanity. I’ve lived a mostly righteous life. If that’s white privilege, than I’m sorry that I was born at all. All people deserve the same rights and we play the same game of life. You don’t control who you are and thinking differently to feel like you owe or are owed something is a pussy mentality.

All it is with AOC is complain, complain, complain until people acquiesce. There’s not an attempt to work. It’s government hand outs and protests. I’m sure this post will get lambasted by liberal cucks who enjoy sitting on their ass and watching successful people who work hard every day do better in life while they whine about how unfair life is.

Tell me where this post is wrong in a civil manner. I’m not hard headed and I have the ability to adapt. I imagine most people won’t post for fear that it will get critiqued. I have developed a confidence in my worldview and I don’t mind sharing it.