Easily the most hypocritical decision from the powers that be in a long time. Joe Rogan is not the problem. If you make opinions about him without ever listening to him, you’re making a mistake. His interviews with highly educated members of society are enlightening and thought provoking. To label his podcasts as “misinformation”, which is what is pressured on Spotify by Big Tech, is LOL funny. If his interviews were on why the vaccine is so important, would that also be labeled as misinformation? If you don’t see the authoritative nature behind the vaccine information, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the government, than you’re a dolt. Whether it’s right or wrong should have no say into whether it should be discussed openly. They are killing the freedom of thought in America, and not only that, have got the people to rally behind it!

Why this legitimately bothers me is because if you’re on the side of censoring Rogan or thinking he’s a far-right nut, what you’re saying is that you don’t want discussion and you don’t have an open mind. You believe so fervently in what you’ve been brainwashed to think by the all knowing Government, and to “trust the science”, that you don’t want to talk about it. You are so convinced that you’re (and they) are right, that you close your eyes and plug your ears and make society worse off.

It’s clear to me that what’s happening is collapsing on the side of those in charge (see Canada and the trucker rebellion). The people may not be as brainwashed as they hope and will stand behind freedom of speech with an unexpected passion. At least that’s what I hope. Censorship is akin to book burning and re-writing history ala 1984. If you are asking when was the last time books were burned?

May 10th, 1933

Students threw books pillaged mostly from public and university libraries onto bonfires with great ceremony, band-playing, and so-called “fire oaths.” The students sought to purify German literature of “foreign,” especially Jewish, and other immoral influences.