Quick gambling experience last Sunday. I had Gary Woodland pre-tournament at 65-1 for $8. I added to the position Sunday at 18-1 for $15. On the 16th hole of an extremely difficult course, he sinks a 35 ft putt for eagle to go to -6, 1 better than the leader Scheffler. At that point I’m thinking I’ve hit another one and fate is completely on my side. I look at the live odds and see he’s -115. In my mind, this tournament was over. I’m riding a heater and my boy just went up 1 stroke on a course where no one is making birdies so they aren’t catching him if he can finish 2 holes in reasonable fashion…so I put $250 on him to win.

On his 17th hole he hits the ball in the bunker and duffs his sand shot right back into the sand. I scoured the internet for footage and they must scrub heartbreakers. He gets out on the second shot to about 6 feet. No biggie, he’s got one to give. The clown then misses the putt back leaving himself another 6ft. He makes the comebacker but the damage was done. To add insult to injury, he bogeys 18 on another missed putt and loses my straight up matchup against Kirk. My head was spinning because even though I had a small hedge on Scheffler, it wasn’t enough to make up for the big, bad timed, bet.

The Players is this weekend and I’m pumped. You can see all my bets here. I was nice enough to share all my premium picks *wink wink*. Honestly, it’s just a few of Coley picks and the FantasyInsider membership. Clearly I’m rooting for Louis. I’m going to lean on Rahm as well with the hope that JT has an off week. If the main guys like Rory, Hovland, Morikawa, or Scheffler win, I’m screwed. I’ll have to make it up with matchups. Let’s go Lou! Hello Ms. Lady.