Towel Cleaning Poll

This was a poll that I couldn’t believe the results and responses.

What. The. Hell?

personally need the 1s separated from the rest of the options here for the puritans such as myself. can’t be associated with the 2s

Climate change is a problem and this guy needs a new towel every day?

the amount of bacteria a wet towel accumulates is so noticeable as one can tell from the smell alone. so gross

It will smell gross, but not after 1 time you dry off your clean body with a clean towel.

What the hell are you people doing with your towels that they smell after two uses??? Do you ball it up and not let it dry?


Til it smells.



I voted for the 11+ and I shower a lot. I’m a 2 a day shower guy almost every day. Once in the morning and then after I exercise. On days I don’t work out in the evenings, I’ll still shower before heading out to an event like bowling. I have a rotation of 5 towels. Sometimes it’s more. Sometimes less. They will continuously rotate until I catch a hint of must. Then I wash it. I like to think of myself as a clean person and an unclean towel will throw off my day completely because it’s like filthifying yourself after becoming clean. I will easily use a towel 10 times before washing it in the rotation and I’m comfortable with that. The poll results show 3-5 which seems like a politically acceptable answer, but seems like a waste of water, energy, and paranoia over how clean your towel is. I was shocked the higher numbers didn’t dominate this poll based on my sense of society’s laziness. I will also wear my jeans 25 times without washing them. How about you?