Do I lose my shit if people violate the rules of society? The older I get, the more it feels like I have an obligation to point out the missteps of others. How do I know I’m right? You be the judge.

Weight Room Sitter – I started going to the gym again and I’ve never understood the desire to sit on a machine idly. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I’m at the gym to work out, not to watch TV, not to sit on machines and text, not to listen to the latest Snoop Doggy Dogg CD. The goal is to go to the station, use the machine or area to lift weights, and then move to a rest area or to another spot. I watched a guy on an ab machine do 5 reps and then break. He’d sit for 1-2 minutes, do 5 more and he did this 5 times for about 5 minutes. I considered asking to jump in but that’s awkward because people take that as a personal attack. Where is the thoughtfulness or time limit on the machine?

Slow Walker – Not to be confused with White Walkers, but you’ll notice most of my complaints are a lack of movement or purpose. Slow walkers are drifters through life. You can make the argument that they take their time and enjoy every minute, but I’d argue that they are wasting precious seconds of their life getting place to place as slowly as humanly possible. I know this because I watch these people cross streets. The walk signal comes on and these dawdlers act like they are the most important humans on earth. You want to make a left turn? Nah. You can turn on yellow after I baby step across the street. Or one group will start and then a second group will wait 5 seconds and block the turn again. Walking should be done with a purpose. If you’re out for a leisurely stroll, that’s fine, but find a park, not the concrete jungle.

The Texting Driver – It’s fairly obvious this is an epidemic within our culture. Texting and driving is incredibly life threatening. Staring at your screen creates gaps of time where you are not paying attention to other drivers. My favorite is honking my horn at a person waiting at a green light. You know they are in the wrong. If they sit there for 5 seconds at a green light it’s 100% they are looking at a text or a Tik Tok. Blasting them with the sound of annoyance is only a minor victory. Citizens should be able to put other drivers in time out where they have to wait on the side of the road for 5 minutes to think about what they did. As much as I hate outside governance, I’d vote for financial penalties for being on your phone and driving.

Shot of a male using mobile phone while driving the car.

Masked Humans – I witnessed two people having a conversation outside, drinking coffee, while wearing masks. This has to stop. If people 100 years from now read the history books and see pictures of this, they’ll know we devolved beneath the stone age. At this point, I’m not even sure what people are afraid of. Throughout the entire years of Covid, I know 0 people who succumbed to it. Call me lucky or call it the flu. I understand playing it safe, but these were crimes against humanity. You’ve seen the negative effects to the economy and we’ll wait to see whether Covid 19 is more devastating then the rapidly tested vaccine. You got the vaccine so you don’t have to where the mask. If you’re unvaccinated, I’m almost positive you aren’t wearing a mask. The only people who still wear the masks are the quadruple boosted psychopaths.