On the last 34 bets I’ve made, my record is 2-31-1. 28 of them were at + money bets and about $1,600 was lost during this span. We’ll call it a losing streak. It was bound to happen as I had a month of solid positive action. I’ll blame the Union for their bad juju to start the losing streak, my over confidence in the Chiefs, and the Phillies unable to come through on my 35-1 shot I placed in August with no hedge. I have a few futures on the Chiefs Superbowl, Mahomes MVP, and Dameon Pierce RotY that still have some legs. I’ve subscribed to Bradley Todd per a Wads hint and he paid off a quick $500 which gives hope for golf picks moving forward. Fortunately, this lost money is nothing near the money I’ve been losing in the Stonk Market.

My goal for sporting betting to get back to even. After 4 years, I’m still down $4,200. Considering that’s what I was up in October, it can be done. The constant refining process of what bets to make and at what confidence level is a struggle. When I punt $750 on the Chiefs, this is bad bankroll management. What tends to happen is I have a few guys I follow that when they like a game, and I also like the game, I get carried away. You live you learn.

Off topic but fascinating none the less, how on Earth is John Fetterman becoming a senator? I wouldn’t let him run my business. The only way a candidate could be worse off them him is if they also had a stroke. I don’t blame the people who voted for him, 2.5 million of them, only the system that lets this happen. He could have been replaced with a traffic cone and the cone would have beat Oz.