The Streak

After my run today, I have run exactly 100 days in a row. My last day off was January 17th.

I wrote this post back on February 2nd saying I was getting a coach! I did, and I followed his plan nearly 100%. Coincidentally he’s telling me to take off tomorrow, two days before Broad Street, so my streak will end at exactly 100 days.

The Training

During my 100 day streak I ran 853 miles, which for you Maryland math majors, comes out to 8.53 miles a day.

The last 9 weeks though has been the bulk, averaging 65 miles a week. Below are three recent workouts to give an idea of my fitness.

  • Workout 1 – 4 x 2 mile in 5:30s with 90s rest. Felt good but hard effort.
  • Workout 2 – 5 x 1600 in 5:18s with 400m jog rest. Didn’t feel good.
  • Workout 3 – 6 mile tempo in 5:35s. Tempo effort, felt really good.

None of these were homeruns, but the number of workouts similar to the above that I’ve done over the last two months has been unlike anything I’ve managed in over decade. Consistency is key and thankfully health has NOT been an issue.

Broad Street 2023 – The Goal

Last year, after running 55:00 I wrote this post saying how happy I was, specifically:

If I had a few months of consistent training at 60-70mpw, I’d think a sub 54 at Broad or a 73:00 half are in the cards. It feels dumb writing that, because I’ve written stuff like that before only to never come close, but I have think this time is different.

What great foreshadowing. No more excuses! I finally have a training block that I’m really happy with. I’ve talked-the-talk, it’s time to walk-the-walk. I’m putting it in writing that I’m actually fast right now.

Sub 54:00 is the goal. Weather permitting, of course.

If I do that, I will be happy. I want to say something like 53:30 is what I’m capable of, with a dream of coming in close to 53:00. But a PR starting with 53 is something I’d be proud of and something that I feel accurately reflects the work I’ve put in.

Regardless, this is the best part. The hay is in the barn and it’s time to reap the rewards of my hay stocking.

Place your bets, send your texts and well wishes, come out and cheer, it’s all on the table on Sunday. And if it goes great, we party.

BONUS – Pittsburgh Half

One week after Broad, Meghan and I are going to Pittsburgh to run the half! I figured I’m in good shape and it will be a fun trip, so why not. Based on how Broad goes I’ll determine what to expect as far as a goal, but at the very least I’m hoping to get a respectable PR.