I signed up for the Philly bike share last week and it’s changed my life. I used it nine times in a 30 hour period this weekend. NINE! I can’t even tell you how much time I’ve saved.

The last time I was this excited about riding a bike I got hit by a car. But enough time has passed where I’ve completely forgotten about that.

Per usual, the trouble comes from the helmet. I have a helmet but it has negative douglas. And most of the time I’m not going to want to have my helmet with me when I arrive. So do I just be a badass and not wear a helmet?

If I’m going less than 15MPH I don’t think I need a helmet. That’s basically mile pace and I don’t wear a helmet when I run the mile.

But if you live in the city and are wondering whether it’s worth the $150 for an annual subscription, do it.

Wheels down baby. See you all on the road.