I had a fortuitous night on Saturday in which I hit Auburn +6 for $300. Then I took MSU at -2 for $300. After the Auburn win, the group was betting on Texas Tech, I was hammered, and didn’t even remember telling Jeff to put $500 on Texas Tech which reversed my MSU hedge. So I won $500 that night and got an almost dream scenario in my bracket. If Auburn and TTU would have won, I would have wrapped up my big bracket, but c’est la vie. So I went to the SugarHouse and placed $590 on Virginia ML at -127 today to assure some money and still have a nice payday if TTU pulls it off. All in all, a seriously great result for the brackets and betting. I took an entire loss of 3 months all over the place and moved the arrows to the black. Masters this weekend. Let’s go.

I’ll write a bit more about this windfall in a future entry. If Texas Tech wins, I’ll have won $3,500 from my action this weekend which, although pure luck, I’ll at least give some thought process behind it happening.