the sheee writes one guest post with six comments and all of a sudden he’s the best blogger on the site. let’s get the people going with some evermore review!

overall: this album sounds every bit like folklore, but it’s just not on the same level. it’s a 6.5/10 (initially C+). the highs aren’t that high and the lows aren’t that low. too many songs fail to let loose and too many lyrics are gimmicky.

when the Ringer puts out an article unanimously praising the album and saying lyrics like “at dinner parties I call you out on your contrarian shit.” or “cause we were like the mall before the internet” are great, it makes me feel like my head isn’t actually that far up Taylor’s ass.

slightly better than good tier

no body, no crime – maybe cliche but this is the best song on the album. even this though feels underwhelming to what it could have been. where does HAIM even sing? who the fuck is HAIM?!

ivy – if you could summarize the best of the album / the vibe she’s going for in one song, it’s this.

willow – basically just saying she’s a simp for whoever she’s dating. good start to the album which she has a way of doing.

’tis the damn season – one thanksgiving i made out with a girl from high school at the bar and she facebook messaged me the next day ‘oh my god this is so embarrassing but did we kiss at the bar last night?‘ then proceeded to ask me out (i declined cause i was a beta back then). not exactly what this song is going for but close enough.

good tier

happiness – i will be in the minority here, this has snoozer written all over it, but it’s just good musically and lyrically. maybe a minute too long.

gold rush – is joe alwyn actually that good looking? the message of the song feels immature but it’s catchy enough.

dorothea – good vocals. a little bit of a betty vibe in there??

okay tier

long story short – the chorus is catchy, but the rest is just meh.

marjorie – there’s nothing special about this song. this is where the songs start losing a pulse.

champagne problems – the 40 second pick up 2:30 in saves the song, and it’s barely a pick up.

cowboy like me – i kind of just don’t notice when this song is on.

tolerate it – i can barely tolerate this song. it’s decent lyrically but just so freakin’ boring.

snoozer tier

evermore – pales in comparison to exile. poor use of Bon Iver. maybe some people would say he’s doing a great job vocally but it’s just not fun to listen to at all.

coney island – the lack of energy from the National guy makes Bon Iver sound like Little Richard. ‘sorry for not winning you an arcade ring‘ is a shit line.

closure – i can’t skip this fast enough. she does her best TOOL impression with weird time changes but it just falls flat. no flow. same weird drums from last great american dynasty.