Apartment Upgrade

November 26, 2018


Apartment Upgrade

Bonus points if you get the feature image!

I bought a 55″ TV from Target on Black Friday and took a couch from my parents house and brought them to my apartment.

Now it looks like a human might actually live here:

I’m happy with the upgrade (I still need to fill space on my walls). However, I have one final decision to make and it goes completely against what I’ve said recently, but…

I think I might get an XBox One.

They were $200 at Target and I have no gaming system. I fill my down time these days with Chess and Netflix. As long as I don’t become a full on addict it could be a good buy.

My other question would be – what game(s) do I play?

I’ve been out of the gaming community for so long now and it’s too late to get in on Fortnite.

I think I’d start with Resident Evil 7 since Wevs says he was so scared he had to return the game and it’s one that’s near and dear to my heart.

Or is getting an XBox One a bad idea?

Minus well.


  1. Laur

    Hey Arnold’s bedroom!

  2. Slade

    1. Hey Arnold 2. I've been considering buying an Xbox, too. No advice for you. I just haven't had the time to feel like I'd get enough use out of it

  3. Sam

    Just Dance. I played it at a friends house Thanksgiving weekend. It was fun and exercise at the same time, and it taught me some moves that I'll never use again.

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