Tom and Evan have a vendetta against the Black Keys claiming that they’re overrated and they don’t understand why people like them.

I’m here to tell you that the Black Keys are in fact underrated.

I’ve always been a fan, more than most, but since I’ve listened through their new album Lets Rock a dozen times over the last few weeks, I’m doubling down on my underrated claim.

The album is great. Just 12 songs for 38 minutes total. Perfect.

Their single Lo/Hi has been getting some radio play, but from my calculation, is about the 7th best song on the album (Shine A Little Light, Walk Across the Water, Tell Me Lies, Every Little Thing, Get Yourself Together, and Sit Around and Miss You rank above).

Grow your appreciation of the Black Keys. Listen to the first four songs, less than 15 minutes, then try to tell me they’re overrated.