You wouldn’t know it, but I went to Sixers camp for three years as an adolescent. One day the great Matt Harpring was talking to all of the campers and said to never do the “chicken wing” with your elbow when shooting.

What he meant was, you want your elbow TUCKED IN, straight under your hand, so your release is straight, not flailing out like a chicken wing.

This isn’t a secret to anyone.

How is Ben Simmons still NOT tucking his elbow in? How come every shooting coach in the facility isn’t barking at him to “KEEP YOUR ELBOW TUCKED!”

I understand Ben Simmons has taken a million shots in his life, but for the love of god the solution isn’t Mike’s secret sauce, it’s in the form of every great shooter who’s ever lived.

Watch below, it’s horrible. I’m not saying that you just magically become good by tucking your elbow, but it’s such an obvious start that it baffles me he hasn’t made the adjustment.