I got a dehumidifier and Covy instantly had problems with it.

The first night I let the thing run all night and woke up at 2AM to Covy scratching at the apartment door. When I shut it off, he stopped.

I didn’t run it the next night but woke up at 2AM again to Covy scratching at the apartment door. For two hour he was just cucking out and scratching the door every 20 minutes and I got no sleep.


At this point I figured I probably can’t keep the dehumidifier. I put it in the closet out of sight and hoped that would work.

Then last night really set me off.

Covy insisted on trying to open the closet door where the dehumidifier was just before bed time. I stopped him a few times and we went to bed like normal.

Then, at 2AM, Covy opens the closet door and is face-to-face with the fucking dehumidifier. What do you know, he runs to the door and starts scratching.

I get up, close the closet door, and shoo him away from the apartment door. I knew I was in for a long night.

Covy went back and forth from trying to reopen the closet door and scratch at the apartment door. Every time he’d start, I’d hop out of bed and chase him around the apartment a few times yelling “Covy! Stop!” I got no sleep.


I’m at a loss. This dehumidifier has thrown a wrench into my whole life.

And poor Covy, he’s scared of the dehumidifier, he’s being yelled at by me, and then he’s constantly attacked by Melon. His life is a living hell right now.

Not sure who I’d say is winning. I’m getting rid of the dehumidifier because of Covy, so +1 for him, but that thing has absolutely owned Covy every minute it’s been in the apartment, which has resulted in Covy owning me the last few nights.

This post sucked.