Did I Accomplish Any of My 2018 Goals?

January 1, 2019


Did I Accomplish Any of My 2018 Goals?

Each year I make a list of goals. Unfortunately, once I switched blogs, I kind of forgot about these goals completely. Regardless, here’s how I did.

  • Watch a Sixers playoff game in person – This happened. Hopefully see many more.
  • Learn how to proficiently play the Stairway to Heaven solo on guitar – I never even looked up the tab.
  • Get a physical from my doctor – I’m very health.
  • Keep both of my cats alive – Anyone could’ve done this.
  • Go skydiving – Never even googled it.
  • Fast for a 24 hour period – I still want to try this.
  • Go to ANY event at the Kimmel Center – I should’ve done this one, and will in 2019.
  • Have a conversation with a famous person – I talked to Lil Dickey for 30 seconds at the Super Bowl parade and stood next to Jason Avant for like a minute so I’m counting that.
  • Host a party at my residence – It was a rager with a wild end to the night.
  • Watch the Godfather AND Godfather II – I’m actually going to do this.
  • Profit $10,000 in Crypto – I could not have bought in at a worse time.
  • Prepare the turkey for Thanksgiving – Forgot about this one.
  • Go on two trips to visit friends who live in other cities, repeats allowed – DC and Richmond for Dale and Gourlay but that’s about as vanilla as it gets.
  • Go on two trips with friends to visit a city we’ve never been to – Austin, Charlotte, and South Bend were pretty awesome!
  • Buy presents for my whole family on Christmas, not just who I have for Pollyanna – I should just delete this one.
  • Break 4:30 in the mile – I didn’t attempt a single mile race.
  • Break 55:00 at Broad Street – 55:45, and I revised my goal to sub 56:00 once I saw how training went. I was still happy with this.
  • PR in the 5,000 (15:27) – Never really tried but was never in shape to anyway.
  • Run over 2000 miles – 1614
  • Complete 100 beers and 100 miles in a week – Actually had an attempt lined up but it was during a heat wave so that never happened.
  • Attempt 13 miles and 13 beers in under 2:00 – Probably not worth it.
  • Bowl a 300 – Had some good games and am definitely bowling better than I ever have but never really scared it.
  • Write 10 hand-written letters and mail them – Did less than 2017.
  • Volunteer my time at least once (or donate $1,000 to charity if I don’t) – With two weeks left in the year, I actually volunteered somewhere. Suck it!
  • Write 200 blog posts – Holy shit not even close.
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