I’ve been a Howard listener for over a decade now. Considering he’s been on before I was born, I’m not even that old of a fan. All that being said, 15 years is still a decent enough time to make a few observations.

I don’t care if he wears a wig or not for that matter. It’s more for people who have no idea what the Howard Stern radio show is to give them material to read that you don’t need to listen to the show.

Howard’s Hair

Here’s a picture of Howard’s hair in his younger years.

Here’s a picture of his current hair:

Here’s a funny story about his hair

And finally here’s him in the 80’s with more weird hair

Who Cares?

It’s important to understand that if you aren’t a fan of the show, you shouldn’t care. In fact, it’s petty to care about a person’s hair. However, if you’re a fan of the show, you should.

Howard has won awards for best hair.

Here’s the rub, Howard prides himself and the show on honesty. If one of the most telling features about Howard is a sham, it loses all credibility. Now that’s an absurd observation to make when you consider he’s been doing a show for 30+ years and I’m basing it all on his hair. He has a plethora of years of radio to back up his integrity. As it ages though, his hair becomes worse and worse for the show.

My favorite part of the show was the Artie years in 2001-08. I even enjoyed Too Fat To Fish immensely. As my brothers can attest, the Artie / Eric the Actor radio shows are the best episodes. Artie was the only person who would ever confront Howard because he wasn’t afraid of him like all the others are. Here are 2 examples:

These are great examples of Artie being real with Howard. He calls out Howard for being a dick, which I agree with in these scenarios, because Howard only cares about the success of the radio show and not the people. Which brings us to 2018 and the current state of the show.

The show is scripted too far and the cast of characters involved are lame. Bobo. Jeff the Drunk. Wendy the Retard. Tan Mom. Combine that with the lamer list of employees. Memet. Jason. Ronnie. Shuli. Wolfie. Domesticated Jd. I’m a sucker for Sal and Richard, but let me continue. The callers are no longer actual callers. They’re story tellers. It’s not that the show is bad, don’t get me wrong. His interviews are fantastic. However, it all stems back to his hair.

The longer he holds on to the myth of his hair, the weirder the show gets. He’s 64. Look at the feature image of his dad. There isn’t a hair on his head. As he continues to age, the lies keep growing and the shows keeps descending. I give Howard all the credit in the world for evolving through all these years which is gets more impressive every day. I only think Howard has gotten too big and he keeps trying to control his environment. This has to end.