Two years ago I listened to Pardon My Take three times a week and occasionally the Ricky, and that was it for podcasts. That’s about 4-5 hours of podcasts a week.

The rest of my time was filled by music.

I would play through my discover weekly, binge bands, or go back to old reliable – the Truth.

But now that’s changed.

I still listen to Pardon My Take three times a week, but I’ve also added the Bill Simmons Podcast, the Ringer NFL show, the Ringer NBA show, and the TED Radio Hour.

Though I don’t catch every episode, I’m at 8-10 hours a week of podcasts. And it’s not that I have that much more listening time, it’s that I just stopped listening to music.

I have to imagine that over the last decade or so, music has lost a big share of it’s hold over what people listen to. I don’t even know WHY I listen to the podcasts sometimes. I just like feeling like part of a conversation.

It makes me a little sad knowing I’m not discovering any new bands, but listening to a podcast just feels more compelling. I think this trend will continue moving forward.

Maybe I’ll start my own podcast. Ryder and I talked about starting our own podcast where we take molly before recording, and talk politics, Sixers, then try to record a song in one take with a guitar and drums. THAT is something people would listen to.