What a great title. Obviously I’m not sharing the guest list I made for my birthday party. Click bait baby!

Yesterday I jokingly said I was going to throw a birthday party for myself, and Ben said I should actually do it. I never initiate parties because I’ve always thought no one would show up. But for fun, I made a list of people I would invite to my birthday party, and whether or not I thought they’d show up.

I came up with a little over 50 people who could reasonably be expected to go, this includes significant others who definitely wouldn’t show up if their partner didn’t.

About 20 people on the list are in the ‘they’ll 100% go if available‘ category. So if I make a Facebook event and invite ~50 people, I actually think 20-30 would show up.

Is that enough to warrant actually having the party? I don’t know. Probably. Maybe I’ll do it.

The full list is available for $5. Venmo me and I’ll share the sheet with you.