A goal of mine this year was to explore mindfulness. I asked Luke for advice and he said there’s a lot of options, so look around and see what catches your eye. Today, something caught my eye; well my ear actually.

I was listening to the new TED Radio Hour podcast called “A Better You” and the second speaker, Andy Puddicombe, hit me. You can listen to the episode yourself if you’re interested, but he spoke of his experience as a Buddhist monk and created an app called HeadSpace which helps you with meditation, something I have zero experience with.

So today, I did my first guided meditation using that app. It was only a few minutes but I enjoyed it, I was actually bummed when it ended.

Andy said he has people reaching out to him constantly saying how meditating just 10-15 minutes a day changed their lives. I don’t really know how I expect it to change me, but I’m committed to trying!