As you know, I gave my neighbor $40 last week with the promise of being paid back the next day, but hadn’t heard anything.

That is… until today. I wrote the note below and put it on her door when I got home.

30 minutes later there was a knock on my door. Here’s how the ensuing conversation went:

Her: “Oh my god I’m so sorry I’ve been trying to get the money and I swear I’ll have it tomorrow!”

Me: “Hey no problem, if you don’t have it by tomorrow it’s not big deal I just wanted to make sure you didn’t forget!”

Her: “Okay I’ll get it to you tomorrow I promise.”

Melon pokes his head around the door

Me: “Oops sorry that’s my cat, he’s blind.”

Her: “Oh my god he’s has no eyes! What a cuck!”

Me: “What the fuck did you just call him?”

Everything in that exchange was true until the cuck part.

I don’t have an explanation as to why she didn’t say anything all week and why I had to be the one to initiate, but with that said, I DON’T think she’s trying to rob me.

To be continued!