My second full year as President concluded last night. Bowling President that is. You wouldn’t think there is much to being the President, and you’d be right, however, there are unexpected circumstances that need to be resolved and what I’ve learned is most people don’t want to accept responsibility. It’s much easier to say, “it’s ok with me or whatever you think” than it is to make decisions that effect other people’s lives.

I never wanted to be the President. I was elected by the people and did the job without knowing any of the USBC rules. It didn’t matter much as it turns out. I did make one faux pas where I told both teams who were supposed to play each other that they could play themselves (they were snowed out) which unintentionally created 4 extra games which through off the entire standings. I manned up and fixed it though.

From a self assessment standpoint, I’d like to think I’ve done well. I can’t imagine anyone would take me down in a election for what that’s worth. To be good at the job all you have to do is care and shake hands. I wouldn’t say I enjoy doing it that much, but it’s one of those, “do I think someone else would do a better job?” It’s an unpaid position with no upside. The list is not long.

I introduced this post with that little run down because their were people campaigning outside the Northern Liberties community center. I have no clue what they were campaigning for but I started thinking, how qualified do you have to be to do a good job? It seems to me that the most important quality to being in office is having strong morals and wanting to do the right thing.

This is going to come out of left field, but when I was running today I started thinking about Arnold Schwarzenegger and how he went from bodybuilder, to athlete, to governor and I started wondering if he did a good job or not. Maybe I’ll write an entire post dedicated to Arnold. I bet people would read it. My point is that he didn’t know shit about politics and you don’t hear how horrible of a job he did. Or maybe you do. Beats me.

So here’s a post. I sat down and spent 20 minutes writing and producing. Evan encouraged it by saying he thought my bowling recap wasn’t bad. It’s sort of odd, because I think I could do a fine job in a position of office. I’m sure it’d go shaky at start, but this life isn’t that hard. You only have to want to.