It’s been about 10 days since I posted and longer for Sam. That’s a long time not to post on a website. I may have an explanation, or at least this is what I came up with after thinking about if for 15 seconds.

Merging our two audiences formed a social mismatch. His audience doesn’t care about what’s going on with me personally and vice versa. Sure there is some synergy, but let’s face it, if 3+3=9, I don’t think we’re dealing with big numbers here.

For me, I don’t want to post about the doldrums of my life. I’ve done that over the years and it’s gotten boring for me that I can only wonder what the audience thinks. That leaves the void with what content should fill it. The answer is high end content. Which leads me to the issue.

Once again this is only me, but I want to post high end content. I’m past the days of posting YouTube videos and upskirt pics of celebs. I’ve never actually done that, but in today’s day and age, it’s probably incriminating. That aside, my goal is to write about topics that I know enough about to post a meaningful entry. Unfortunately, that number is very few. So I’m trying to find a *insert key buzzword* “balance” on posting and am erring to the low side. I don’t think this will continue, I only have to put more effort into it. I promise it will improve.