I’m not an accessories guy. I think that started from when I was a kid and my head was just so big that I couldn’t wear hats or sun glasses like a normal person.

But I’ve been seeing more and more friends with the swag watches, and I’m intrigued. I never understood the purpose, people bragging like “mine’s made from an elephant’s shit” or “mine uses military time“; It seemed like such an unnecessary accessory to me.

But in my old age, I’ve come to appreciate things that make you look classy.

So I’m thinking I may get a watch.

How do I choose what to get? Do you want a massive one or a small one? Are there different meanings to different types or features? Is the only difference between a watch and bracelet that a watch tells time? Since people don’t even use it for that, doesn’t that just mean your watch is a bracelet?

I bought my dad a MVMT watch for Christmas which I don’t think he ever wears so I should just take that.

Help me readers. Add some swag to my outfits.