It’s 12:25am and I’m on a weird sleep scheduled. Using a list format is easiest to read even though each one of these topics is going to be a paragraph. I’ll title them so you can skip accordingly.

Why I Can’t Sleep – Yesterday I drove down to Lancaster to shoot some videos for an association I’m apart of. I had some outlines of what we were going to shoot, but not “scripts”. Who knew you’d need that for a video production? Let me step back for a second and say that the reason this was a big deal is because the association is picking up the cost. It was on me and another member to produce these videos and do a good job. I get there yesterday for setup and it becomes abundantly clear that there is going to be an expectation of “acting” and either reading lines or ad libbing. This put my head in a whirl because I didn’t have cue cards, there isn’t a teleprompter, and I have no idea how this is going to work. So I spent last night stressing out in a hotel room how tomorrow was going to go and tried to sleep / kept thinking how badly the next day could go and you may have guesssed, it was hard to sleep. I wake up the next day at 5:30am and start prepping again trying to memorize how each shoot is going to go. Long story short, we shot the videos silently and will voice over on another day. It went fine and *hopefully* they turn out alright. So I drove back in hour traffic today and fell asleep at 6pm only to wake at 9 and now I’m tired and awake without the ability to go to sleep. Here I am.

Sixers Prediction – I heard the Brett Brown press conference from tonight’s game and he was getting annoyed with the questions about Joel’s playoff status that he said “he wasn’t going to answer anymore.” If I have to pick a team to root for, it’s the Sixers. However, they have to be one of the worst organizations at handling information. It always feels like they are hiding something and when your best player hasn’t played 5 of the last 7 games and now his status is uncertain, it’s just odd. I get load management and am all for him not playing until the playoffs, but answer the dumb question truthfully. I’ve never thought Brett Brown was that competent of a coach. I put him on the Eric Spoelstra / Tyronn Lue level. The process displayed no coaching prowess and then they have used talent over team play to win. Their bench is non-existent this year and this entire team rests on Joel’s shoulders. I predict they beat the Nets in 6 and lose to the Raptors in 6. Kawhi will shut Ben down and Gasol and Ibaka will be double teaming / fouling Joel. Danny Green will be solely responsible for Reddick which leaves Jimmy / Tobias Harris to carry a playoff load. Pascal Siakam is a hugely underrated star who will cover one of the two which leaves a lot of work for a team with limited ball movement to get easy shots. If Joel is healthy and they dispose of the Nets in 4, I’d readjust this position.

Masters – This is the best golf tournament of the year. I’ll start this by saying my two picks to win are Justin Thomas and Louis. You can argue a case for any of the top 30 players in the world to win this tournament. Rickie got 2nd last year. Jordan shot a 64 in the final round. Rahm shot a 75 on day one last year (finished 4th) and is in great form. Tiger is ready to win a major again. Rory is too hot right now. So I’ll be sneaking in with some under the radar JT at 18-1 for $25 to start and looking to ramp up if he starts to get in contention. I’ve made a bunch of lineups for DFS, but you won’t care.

NCAA Tournament Wrap Up – I made a nice chunk of change this tournament and obviously didn’t hit the Texas Tech game which would have been the payday. My total ended up being $+1,650 which I promptly spent. That’s only half true but I did park in a handicapped spot for a ticket that cost me $301. +1,350. Not bad.

I wanted to share how I won some money with you guys and it’s this link. Since you don’t subscribe, here are two screen shots. It’s important to remember that he picked all the games to get to this point as well.

Now I knew that I would be entering 1 small 10 person and one giant 300 person. As a human being, I will rarely bet the favorite in these pools because you have to beat more people who also pick the favorite. Note – If I had picked Virginia in the 300 person pool to win it all, I would have won which goes against this theory. The theory is even if you do get the favorite/winner right, you still won’t win. So in that big pool, I luckily guessed Texas Tech. You can see Koerner said Gonzaga and I deviated to TTU which was pure luck. Following his predictions on picking Duke to lose, and making that one tiny lucky guess was the only reason I won. Chalk one up for the $60 yearly subscription to Action Network.

Back to Labs – Fantasy Labs was offering a 50% discount for a yearly subscription so I went back to them from Awesemo. I understand Labs is the public, but I also learned that a tout that moves into a service, is nothing special. Awesemo’s quality was lackluster with spelling errors, hard to read charts, and a letter grading system that has to be one of the dumbest ideas I have ever come across. The reason I’m even adding this section, for those who read this far, is that I find moderate success in some of these ventures because of this next level activity. I will never claim to be “good” at any of this activity. Yet I’m starting to accrue some credentials that you have to at least respect my opinion as not complete nonsense which is all I ask. My personal opinion is that I’m getting better at it because I’m listening to the right people (Sean Koerner) and not the birdbrains who are most likely giving information to get the public off their trail. Once you know sports are unpredictable and no one knows anything, then the edge can start to show itself.